Empowering Oversight: The Role and Authority of Botswana’s Regulatory Authority in Virtual Assets

The Virtual Assets Act 2022 in Botswana delineates the crucial functions and powers vested in the Regulatory Authority. This body plays a pivotal role in licensing, regulating, and overseeing various aspects of the virtual asset landscape within the jurisdiction.

Functions and Powers of the Regulatory Authority:

Licensing and Regulation:

  • The Regulatory Authority, defined as the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority established under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority Act, is tasked with licensing virtual asset service providers and issuers of initial token offerings, ensuring they operate within the regulatory framework.

Regulatory Oversight:

  • The authority regulates, monitors, and supervises the issuance of virtual assets and the conduct of persons involved in virtual asset businesses in Botswana.

Rule Development:

  • It develops rules, guidance, and codes of practice related to the conduct of virtual asset businesses and initial token offerings.

Advisory Role:

  • The Regulatory Authority advises the Minister on matters concerning virtual asset businesses, contributing valuable insights for informed decision-making.

Investor Education:

  • To foster innovation, the authority promotes investor education and conditions conducive to the development of virtual asset businesses within Botswana.

Publication and Enforcement:

  • It publishes notices, guidelines, bulletins, and policies, providing clarity on the interpretation, application, and enforcement of the Virtual Assets Act.

Financial Stability:

  • In collaboration with the Central Bank, the Regulatory Authority ensures the financial soundness and stability of Botswana’s financial system concerning virtual assets.

Enforcement Actions:

  • The authority is empowered to give directions to, and take enforcement action against, license holders, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

General Powers:

  • The Regulatory Authority is authorized to undertake any acts and measures necessary for the effective implementation of the Virtual Assets Act.

Advisory Bodies and Information Gathering:

1. Advisory Bodies:

  • The Minister, on the recommendation of the Regulatory Authority, may establish advisory bodies to examine and report on specific matters related to the administration of the Act.

2. Information Requests:

  • The Regulatory Authority can request information and documentation from individuals involved in virtual asset businesses, initial token offerings, or related activities.

3. Inspector Appointments:

  • Inspectors may be appointed to investigate and report on the activities of virtual asset businesses or license holders, exercising powers equivalent to the Regulatory Authority.

4. Right of Entry:

  • Inspectors, upon producing evidence of authority, can enter premises for investigations, information collection, and exercising powers granted under the Act.


The provisions outlined in the Virtual Assets Act empower the Regulatory Authority, established under the Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority Act, to ensure the integrity, stability, and compliance of virtual asset activities, fostering a regulated and secure environment for all stakeholders involved.