Belval : Pioneering Real Estate Tokenization in Luxembourg

In 2019, Luxembourg witnessed a groundbreaking development in real estate investment with the Belval project. This initiative, undertaken by Creahaus S.A and Espace Invest S.A, marked the first real estate transaction in Luxembourg to utilize tokenization, providing investors with an innovative and accessible means of participating in property ventures.

Tokenized Investment Structure

The Belval project revolutionized real estate investment by allowing token holders to determine the size of their investment, starting at a minimum of €1000. This flexible structure enabled a diverse range of investors to enter the real estate market, breaking down traditional barriers associated with property investment.

Secure Token Storage with Coinplus

To ensure the security of these digital assets, the tokens were securely stored in a “zero-electronic” physical vault provided by Coinplus, a Luxembourg-based startup located in Technoport. This unique approach to token storage combines the benefits of blockchain technology with the physical security of a vault, enhancing investor confidence in the safety of their digital investments.

Income Distribution and Token Holders

One of the key features of the Belval project is the proportional distribution of income generated through the tokens to the token holders. This ensures that investors receive returns in accordance with their investment size, creating a direct link between the performance of the real estate asset and the financial gains for token holders.

Democratizing Real Estate Investment

The tokenization of real estate in Luxembourg, spearheaded by the Belval project, represents a paradigm shift in the way individuals engage with property investment. By lowering the minimum investment threshold to €1000 and providing a mechanism for investors to determine their investment size, the project has democratically opened up real estate investment to a wider audience.

Coinplus: A Key Enabler of Security

Coinplus, with its physical vault solution, has played a crucial role in securing the digital assets associated with the Belval project. The combination of blockchain technology and physical storage addresses concerns related to the security of digital assets, providing a comprehensive solution for safeguarding tokenized real estate investments.


The Belval project in 2019 stands as a milestone in the evolution of real estate investment in Luxembourg. By embracing tokenization, Creahaus S.A and Espace Invest S.A have not only modernized the investment landscape but also enhanced accessibility for a broader range of investors.

The collaboration with Coinplus further reinforces the commitment to security, offering a pioneering model that combines the advantages of blockchain technology with innovative physical storage solutions. As the real estate industry continues to evolve, the Belval project serves as a testament to the transformative potential of tokenization in property investment.