The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offerings Services Act 2021: A Comprehensive Framework for Mauritius

In a significant move to regulate the burgeoning virtual asset and blockchain industry, the Parliament of Mauritius enacted the Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offerings Services Act 2021.

This legislation aims to establish a robust legislative framework for virtual asset service providers and issuers of initial token offerings, ensuring clarity, security, and legitimacy in the rapidly evolving digital financial landscape.

An Act to Provide Comprehensive Regulation

The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offerings Services Act 2021, hereafter referred to as “the Act,” serves as a comprehensive regulatory mechanism. Its primary objectives are to govern virtual asset service providers and initial token offerings, addressing various aspects of their operations to mitigate risks and protect stakeholders.

Application of the Act

Scope of Application

The Act applies to any virtual asset service provider and issuer of initial token offerings conducting business activities within or from the jurisdiction of Mauritius.


The Act does not extend to certain categories, including closed-loop items that are non-transferable and non-exchangeable, digital representations of fiat currencies and securities, digital currencies issued by central banks, and individuals acting in a professional capacity on behalf of participants in financial services related to virtual assets.

Ancillary service providers, as specified in the Third Schedule, are also exempt from the Act’s provisions.

Prevailing Over Other Enactments

In cases of inconsistency between the Act and other applicable laws, the Act takes precedence, providing a clear hierarchy for legal interpretation.

Special Provision for Virtual Asset Custodians

The Act accommodates virtual asset custodians holding a class “R” license, allowing them to hold custody of securities tokens or other approved instruments, as specified by the regulatory body, the Commission.


The Virtual Asset and Initial Token Offerings Services Act 2021 represents a milestone in Mauritius’ journey to regulate the virtual asset space. By providing a comprehensive legal framework, the Act not only fosters innovation but also safeguards the interests of investors and participants in the digital financial ecosystem.

As the global landscape for blockchain and virtual assets continues to evolve, Mauritius stands out as a jurisdiction committed to fostering a secure and transparent environment for the industry to thrive.